The Hog Lick Story

Since 1997 our team has been providing North Central West Virginia with quality limestone and sandstone aggregate, and coal.  We take pride in our ability to service a wide range of customers, and provide personalized support to both large infrastructure projects and local individuals.

Our customers typically use our products in the following areas:

  • Road, bridge, airport, and public works construction
  • Water, sewer, and utility infrastructure
  • Mine reclamation, water treatment, and haul road maintenance
  • Stream remediation, slip repair, erosion control
  • Pipelines, well pad, and oil & gas infrastructure
  • Cement and block fabrication, sand bag production
  • Waste management, water treatment, and sediment filtration
  • Commercial and residential development

Products: Limestone, Sandstone, and Coal

Hog Lick Aggregates offers a variety of limestone and sandstone products in sizes ranging from large 2’x 3’ “R-5 Rip Rap” down to washed sand and dust.  Our Rip Rap products are WV DOH certified and we can provide material test results based on customer needs.

What is Crusher Run?

Crusher Run is primarily used as a compacted sub-base material. It is a mixture of coarse and fine aggregate that forms a solid, level base of support. Crusher Run is typically placed underneath driveways, concrete slabs, and structural foundations.

What is AASHTO?

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (“AASHTO”) has developed standards for using aggregate in highway construction and for general use. Aggregate is classified according to a broad range of AASHTO sizes including sand, gravel, crushed stone, large stone, slag, and recycled concrete. In construction, aggregate is used in many ways, including as a load bearing material, a filling material, and an infiltrating material.

What is Rip Rap?

The term “Rip Rap” describes a size range of aggregate that is 4” and larger. Rip Rap is very durable and natural looking due to its size, and is typically placed along shorelines, waterways, bridge foundations, steep slopes, and other locations to protect from scour and erosion. The proper sizing of Rip Rap to be used depends on several factors including the steepness of the slope, access requirements, and exposure to the elements. As an example, larger Rip Rap is used where a structure or shoreline is continuously exposed to rushing water, including:

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Located just 2 miles off of the I-79 White Hall exit in Fairmont

The Hog Lick Quarry is in close proximity the Rt. 19 and Rt. 50 energy corridors, and provides for easy pick-up and low delivery costs.



Over 100 years of combined, local experience in aggregates, mining, excavation, transportation, construction, energy, mineral reserves, civil engineering, and more.


We are committed to being safety and environmental stewards; providing quality and consistent products and services; and to earning the highest returns possible for our investors.

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These videos will guide you through the process in which we prepare our Limestone, Sandstone, and Coal for our clients.

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